Computer Help at Home for Seniors

testimonial for computer help at home for seniorsI offer a computer help at home service for seniors and older people. My aim is to allow you to complete important computer tasks in your home with the minimum of stress and fuss. These could be tasks such as shopping online, paying bills online, banking online or doing other important jobs such as paying your road tax online. I can also help set up your television or digital device to access streaming services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer. 

Please phone me on 07530 696 030 or email to make an appointment.

Computer Help in the comfort of your Home

The service i offer is discreet and completely reliable. I am patient teacher and I also try to be aware and responsive to a client’s needs. I understand how difficult it can be when old people and seniors use computers. They come from a generation before the digital revolution so can find using technology a confusing and intimidating process. My aim is to make using a computer as painless and simple as possible. I can arrange a visit to your home at any day and time that suits you.

Help with Shopping Online

I can help you use your computer to shop online at home for food, groceries and other items. We can set up an account together with your favourite supermarket such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose or Asda.  Accounts could also be set up for you for other internet companies such as Amazon or Ebay.

Help with Banking and Paying Bills Online

I can set up an account on your home computer with your bank.  I can help to explain how everything works and what you need to make transactions. All popular banks have a system for managing your finances online. These include NatWest, Barclays, RBS, HSBC, Metro Bank, Nationwide and Halifax. Online bank systems can often be difficult to use because of the various security measures such as PIN codes and passwords one must input in order to access their banking details. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil required to protect your information from others.

Help Setting Up your Smart TV

I can set up your television to connect to the internet and receive any applications or streaming services you require. These could be from Amazon, Netflix or any other company you would like to register with. There are a wide variety of different applications that can added to modern televisions. These can expand the programs and services available to you. Owning a modern TV is basically like having another computer in your living room.