Computer Lessons at Home for Seniors

computer lessons at home for seniorsI can offer computer lessons in the home for senior citizens and older people. This professional tutoring service will help you improve your technology and computer skills. I have considerable experience teaching people on a one to one basis. I am a patient and thoughtful guide who will support and help you at a pace that you find comfortable. It can be difficult learning computer skills if you were not introduced to digital technology when you were young and i fully understand this. Information overload can be a common problem – so much stuff is shown to you that you don’t know where to look or go next. I will show you what to look at and where to go next in a number of easy lesson steps.

If you would like to book and appointment, call me on 07530 696 030 or email me at

Computer Lessons in your Home

Computer skills can be very useful in modern life. With computer lessons you can learn to use your PC or tablet more effectively. You can learn how to pay bills on your computer such as electricity bills, how to shop for stuff on websites like Amazon and how to enhance your hobbies by following websites you find of interest. You can also learn how to find new friends and catch up with old ones online by using applications like Facebook.

Learn New Computer Skills at your own Pace

I can teach all the skills you need to use a computer, phone or tablet. Some beginner lessons I could teach to help you get started could be:-

  • Giving you an overview of computer hardware and how a computer works in general
  • Explaining and demonstrating the subtleties of using a mouse
  • Explaining how a computer keyboard works and what functions the keys perform

I could follow this by teaching you more intermediate lessons such as how to use popular apps and programs on your PC. These lessons would consist of learning how to perform tasks such as :-

  • Creating a text document on a word processing program like Microsoft Word.
  • Writing, sending and receiving emails on an email application such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Browsing the internet using an internet browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries regarding the costs, times and content of my computer lessons.