Windows 11 Upgrade and Installation Support

A New Microsoft Operating System

On October the 5th Microsoft released a new operating system (OS) called, imaginatively, Windows 11. This new OS is a continuation of the previous OS, Windows 10. It will become available as a free upgrade for all existing Win 10 users in the coming weeks and months. They have not reinvented the wheel – Win 10 is used as the foundation for Win 11 – but they have changed a number of things, such as creating a more rounded look and feel to the general interface and making changes to the start menu. There are guaranteed to be more changes made as the new OS develops.

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

At some point in the future you will need to upgrade to Windows 11 because support for Windows 10 is due to stop in 2025. But do you need to do it now? I would suggest to hold back and not to make the jump immediately. There are currently issues with the new OS because it has not been tested extensively. I am sure that in the coming months Microsoft will fix any problematic bugs and glitches.

Will you be able to upgrade?

The system requirements for Windows 11 are quite high compared to Windows 10. The most important requirement is regarding something called Trusted Platform Module or TPM. Your PC needs to have version 2.0. Unfortunately almost all computers older than 5 years do not have this functionality so will not be able to install or upgrade to Windows 11. I think this restriction is likely to change in time because it will severely limited the uptake of the new OS among existing Windows 10 users. Will just have to wait and see what happens.

Help and support for Windows 11

If you need help and support regarding the installation and upgrade of Win 11 on your computer please feel free to contact me.